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Adrea [electronic resource]

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Creatore: Belasco, David, 1853-1931 Visualizza persona
Titolo: Adrea [electronic resource]
Link to work: Adrea Visualizza cluster
Pubblicazione: Cambridge [eng.] : Proquest LLC, 2003
Creatori/Collaboratori: Long, John Luther, , 1861-1927 [ (orig.)]
Moses, Montrose Jonas, , 1878-1934 [ed.]
Note generali: Preliminaries omitted. Source copy courtesy of The British Library.
Versione originale: Transcribed from: Belasco, David, 1853-1931. Adrea : a tragic play by David Belasco and John Luther Long [in, Six plays : Madame Butterfly : Du Barry ; The darling of the gods ; Adrea ; The girl of the golden west : The return of Peter Grimm by David Belasco with an introduction and notes by Montrose J. Moses .] Boston : Little, Brown, and Company, 1928. xii, 503 p.
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