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The pragmatics of word order : typological dimensions of verb initial languages / Doris L. Payne

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Creatore: Payne, Doris L., 1952- Visualizza persona
Titolo: The pragmatics of word order : typological dimensions of verb initial languages / Doris L. Payne
Link to work: Pragmatics of word order Visualizza cluster
Pubblicazione: Berlin ; New York : Mouton de Gruyter, 1990
Estensione: 1 online resource (xiv, 295 pages) : illustrations.
Tipo formato: unmediated
Tipo contenuto: text
Tipo supporto: volume
Disciplina: 415
Titolo uniforme di collana: Empirical approaches to language typology ; 7.
Soggetto geografico: Yagua-Sprache
Genere/Forma: Electronic books
Classificazione: 18.91
Classificazione LOC: P295 .P35 1990eb
Contenuto supplementare: Includes bibliographical references (pages 281-289) and index.
Nota di contenuto: ""Acknowledgements""; ""Contents""; ""Abbreviations""; ""Chapter One. Introduction""; ""1.1. Genetic and typological affiliations""; ""1.2. Demography and ethnography""; ""1.3. Previous linguistic work on Peba-Yaguan""; ""1.4. Data for the current study""; ""Chapter Two. Constituent Order and Order Correlations""; ""2.1. Observations of constituent order co-occurrences""; ""2.2. The verb initial norm (VIN)""; ""2.3. Selected theoretical approaches accounting for word order correspondences""; ""2.4. Identification of basic constituent order""
""2.5. Towards an adequate constituent order typology""""Chapter Three. Clausal Phenomena""; ""3.1. Major structural clause types""; ""3.2. Impersonals and functionally related constructions""; ""3.3. Auxiliaries""; ""3.4. Second position clitics""; ""3.5. Causation and desideration""; ""3.6. Parataxis""; ""3.7. Negatives and modals""; ""3.8. Questions""; ""3.9. Comparatives and equatives""; ""3.10. Coordination and alternative relations""; ""3.11. Complex sentences""; ""3.12. Summary""; ""Chapter Four. Noun and Postpositional Phrase Phenomena""; ""4.1. Bound modifying roots""
""4.2. Determination of head versus modifier within noun phrases""""4.3. Order of head noun and descriptive modifier in text""; ""4.4. Complex modifying phrases""; ""4.5. Genitives""; ""4.6. Postpositional phrases""; ""4.7. Summary""; ""Chapter Five. Noun Classification and Nominalization""; ""5.1. Derivational uses of classifiers""; ""5.2. Inflectional uses of classifiers""; ""5.3. Anaphora and classifiers""; ""5.4. Theoretical status of Yagua classifiers""; ""Chapter Six. The Verb Phrase and Related Issues""; ""6.1. Verbal nexus""; ""6.2. Adverbs""
""6.3. Subject -- object asymmetries: Evidence for a verb phrase containing the object?""""6.4. Incorporation""; ""6.5. An overview of verbal morphology""; ""6.6. The instrumental/comitative -ta""; ""6.7. Morphological causatives with -tániy""; ""6.8. Summary""; ""Chapter Seven. Pragmatic Factors Motivating Order Variation""; ""7.1. General pragmatic structure of Yagua clauses""; ""7.2. The pragmatically marked nucleus""; ""7.3. Function of the PM� component""; ""7.4. Functions of the PM component""; ""7.5. Summary of pragmatically marked types""
""7.6. Frequency distribution of syntactic constituent orders""""7.7. Relative order of direct objects and obliques""; ""7.8. Summary""; ""Chapter Eight. Constituent Order in Yagua: Conclusions and Implications""; ""8.1. Arguments in favor of SVO as basic""; ""8.2. Arguments against SVO as basic""; ""8.3. Summary of typological traits""; ""8.4. Implications for head-dependent ordering principles and Hawkins� Universals""; ""8.5. Yagua as a head marking language""; ""Appendix 1: Lagarto (Alligator) Text""; ""Appendix 2: Phonology""; ""Notes""; ""References""; ""Index""
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Collana: Empirical approaches to language typology ; 7
ISBN: 9783110847284
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Lingua di pubblicazione: Inglese
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