An effective environment for the use of linked data by libraries

Share-VDE is a library-driven initiative which brings together the bibliographic catalogues and authority files of a community of libraries in a shared discovery environment based on linked data.
Library catalogues of participating institutions are converted from MARC to RDF (Resource Description Framework) using the BIBFRAME vocabulary and other ontologies, through a process of entity identification, reconciliation, and data enrichment also from external sources, in order to form clusters of entities such as Person, Work etc. The network of resources created is published as linked data on the Share-VDE platform and a common knowledge base of clusters, accessible in RDF and open to the global community as an authoritative source of persistent entity identifiers, has also been compiled. The knowledge base uses the model of the Semantic Web while allowing participating libraries to continue handling their own data as independently as possible.

Building on the foundations laid by the project phase started in October 2016 and on continuous R&D activities, Share-VDE is now implementing production-level processes according to the priorities determined by the Share-VDE community.

The BIBFRAME layers

The Share-VDE advanced discovery interface harnesses the potential of linked data to offer an easy and intuitive user experience and delivers ever more wide-ranging and detailed search results to library patrons, based on an adaptation of the BIBFRAME data model:
  • Person/Works: this level is enriched with data from external sources for the purpose of extending the research potential.
  • Instances (or Publications): the Instance level aggregates the resources of the various editions, even in different languages, and connects them with the overlying Person/Work.
  • Items: each Instance (Publication) is linked to the information contained in the dataset of the local OPAC of each single library.
To learn more about the institutions involved, see the Info page.

Please note that the data available for consultation on the
Share-VDE portal are continually updated and expanded as
the Share initiative grows and the “knowledge base of
clusters” is further enriched with data from new participating
libraries. Search results are therefore subject to ongoing
evolution as the data pool from which they are drawn

We are also working on a re-designed user interface. To know more, please reach out to the contacts at the bottom of the Info page.