SHARE-VDE is a library-driven initiative to establish procedures for the identification and reconciliation of entities, the conversion of data to linked data, and the creation of a virtual discovery environment based upon the three-layered structure of the BIBFRAME data model. As one of the first prototypes of a virtual discovery portal within a continually evolving workspace, SHARE-VDE aims to establish an effective environment for the use of linked data by libraries within a global context.

Following discussions with participating libraries, in phase 1 and phase 2 of SHARE-VDE existing catalogue records were enriched, converted into BIBFRAME, and published as linked data. This discovery environment at present includes collections from the participating libraries with imprint years 1985 and 2015.

Building on the foundations laid by the first two phases of the project, the focus of the third phase is now on the implementation of production level processes and the progressive implementation of additional workflows according to priorities determined by the SHARE-VDE community. We are pleased to be working also with the LD4P group group in this phase of the project.


SHARE Virtual Discovery Environment in Linked Data is a platform which allows the browsing of library collections organized according to the BIBFRAME data model. The portal is therefore equipped with navigational tools on three layers:
  • Person/Works: this level is enriched with data from external sources for the purpose of extending the research potential.
  • Instances (or Publications): the Instance level aggregates the resources of the various editions, even in different languages, and connects them with the overlying Person/Work.
  • Items: each Instance (Publication) is linked to the information contained in the dataset of the local OPAC of each single library.
If you are interested in further details or wish to participate to the project please refer to the Info and Contacts sections.

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